Luv A Chin Rescue


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About Us

Founded in 2008, Luv A Chin Rescue is a small rescue group made up of volunteers who are dedicated to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Japanese Chins in need. We have volunteers and foster homes nationwide. Many of us call the mid-western area (SD, MN, IA, IL, WI) our home, but we also have many volunteers on the east coast and southern states and even a few volunteers the west coast as well!

Please fill out a volunteer application if you're interested in volunteering, even if you're not currently able to foster. While fostering is one major role that Luv A Chin Rescue needs continual help with, we also need help behind the scenes, with fundraising, event coordination, etc. We'd love to have you as part of our team! 

Some of our dogs come into Luv A Chin Rescue via owner surrenders - individuals or families that can no longer keep them, some are strays that found their ways to a local shelter and some come from responsible breeders that have asked us to help them get ready for a new home through our foster families.  The majority of our dogs come from dog auctions in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and other states, where unwanted dogs from commercial dog breeding kennels are sold. When coming from commercial breeding facilities the dogs are not immediately ready to be adopted.  Spending a little time in a foster is beneficial for all of the dogs, no matter where they come from. It not only gives us a chance to get to know each dog's personality but it also gives each of them a chance to be completely vetted.  For the dogs that come to us from commercial breeding facilities, it allows them to learn the way of a house doggie and learn that people can be loving and fun and not always scary or rough as most have never known love or a kind touch.

All of our dogs spend time in foster homes before being adopted by their forever homes.  Our foster homes consist of working families, singles, and retirees - anyone with the love in their heart to take in a homeless pet and help them find their forever home. Fostering is so important to rescue groups, as the more foster homes we have, the more dogs we can help. We take fostering seriously, so therefore you must submit a Volunteer Application and allow a Luv A Chin Rescue representative to complete a home visit before being able to foster for us. We take great care in matching a foster home with a potential foster dog. Our volunteer network is supportive of each foster home and we all enjoy each other's company. It truly is a fun and rewarding experience. We would love you to join our team to help make a difference! If you are interested in fostering, please let us know!

Luv A Chin Rescue's ultimate goal is to help each dog find his/her perfect forever home and each and every volunteer, whether fostering or not, helps us make that happen!