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rESCUING, rehabilitating, AND REHOMING jAPANESE cHINS in need!

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Dogs Available for Adoption!

Additional Information: 

Some of our dogs come into Luv A Chin Rescue via owner surrenders - individuals or families that can no longer keep them, some are strays that found their ways to a local shelter and some come from responsible breeders that have asked us to help them get ready for a new home through our foster families. 

It used to be the majority of our available dogs come from dog auctions in Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Arkansas and other states, where unwanted dogs from commercial dog breeding kennels are sold.  Some dog auctions are close-out sales when a commercial kennel has gone out of business. Other times the breeders may be selling dogs that are a little older or are no longer producing well enough to meet their standards.  For example, a female that wasn't a good mom, one who lost a litter, or one who is no longer able to breed due to age.   Another reason for selling is due to having too many males (a breeder really only needs one male).  They also sell puppies that have gotten too old to go to a pet shop and/or are rejected for one reason or another by the pet shop or broker (in these cases it is typically due to treatable medical issues that they do not want to spend money to fix). In recent years there have been very few Japanese Chins in the dog auctions although there still are hundreds of other breeds auctioned off every month, and Japanese Chins are not found at rescues nearly as often as they were a few years ago.

Our goal, as a rescue, is to remove as many Japanese Chins from the breeding cycle as possible.  In commercial breeding facilities they live in small cages and stand on wire their whole lives.  Their sole purpose is breeding and making money for their breeders.  After we obtain the dogs, Luv A Chin Rescue will provide any medical care the dogs need, dentals, and most of all get them into a loving foster home so they can start learning the joys of being a pet. Unfortunately, we aren't able to save them all, but it is the beginning of a whole new world for the lucky ones we are able to remove from the system!  We also try to help people who need to rehome their Chins for whatever reason.

Since most of the dogs we save from dog auctions and/or commercial breeding kennels have lived their lives in cages before they came into Luv A Chin Rescue, they need to spend a little time in a foster home.  Most have never known love and never known a kind touch.  Spending a little time in a foster home not only gives us a chance to get to know each dog's personality, it gives them a chance to be completely vetted, learn the way of a house doggie and learn that people can be loving and fun and not always scary or rough.  The whole world is a new experience for them.  Much of this is enjoyable for the dogs and even older dogs act like puppies - learning and exploring everything around them!  Imagine never standing in grass before or walking on a solid surface. Some have never felt the wind in their fur. All of our dogs are spayed or neutered before adoption.  Once a dog is up to date to date on medical care,  has been spayed or neutered, has spent a little time in foster care and is ready for adoption, we then start looking for the perfect forever home for that dog.  That's where you come in!! Please click the Adoption Application link above to fill out an Adoption Application! 

Please keep in mind that all of our dogs, regardless of where they come from, will need time adjusting to their new forever homes.  Transferring to a new home can be stressful and it takes some dogs longer to adjust to a new home and routine than others.  Most, though, will learn and settle in very quickly!